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AWTs or the cutting edge communication technologies



  • The Writer delivers AWTs or advanced writing technologies. These technologies constitute the application of writing cybernetics for practical purposes.



  • Our advanced writing technologies (AWTs) are the result of many decades of experience in writing cybernetics across a variety of writing domains: academic, business, political, legal, art and literary. The blending of these writing experiences into a single skillset constitutes the uniqueness, richness and depth of our AWTs.



  • We apply these technologies across a broad spectrum of professional sectors and needs for our varied and multifaceted clients:


- Knowledge and insight generation


- Name, brand and content creation


- Strategy and stakeholders engagement


- Written material translatation, correction and upgrade



  • We specialize in four of these technologies which correspond to four basic professional needs of our clients:


- Informational writing


- Business writing


- Political writing


- Technical writing



  • Description. About collecting data and synthesizing it into useful knowledge which can then be used to break down issues and make informed decisions. About analyzing, clarifying and simplifying complex data and information.



  • Benefits. Competitive advantage. Informed decision-making. Condition for new products and services development. Increased effeciency in building intimacy with target audience (customers for business, citizens for policy makers, stakeholders for NGOs, etc.)



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(White Paper 10 pagies)

Issue identification

Research Tools (F2F, Surveys, ...)

Data collection & analysis

Synthesis & Results debriefing

  • Description. About creating a name for a brand, product or service for the purposes of connecting with customers and selling



  • Benefits. Business presence. Professional credibility. Clear business identity. Improved visibility, loyalty and durability with customers. Differentiation from competitors. Lasting connection.



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Business Identity Concept

Logo creation

Brand prototype stories

Web development, media and social media presence

Promotional visual material (brochure(s), infographic(s), video(s) )

  • Description. About providing a roadmap in the political arena and making a client’s voice heard amidst competing demands for attention. Political levels: European & Belgian local, regional and federal.


  • Benefits. Have a public affairs strategy. Stay alert on political decisions that might impact your business or activity. Know how to positively steer them. Know how to approach the relevant players. Create a message, make it heard and make it matter. Build coalitions and allies.


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Public affairs concept

Political roadmap

Advocacy messages creation

Monitoring & analysis

Coalition buiding & stakeholders outreach

  • Description. About (re)designing the underlying structure of a written material in order to improve its readability (proofreading & copywriting) or create readability for foreign speaking audiences (translation)



  • Benefits. Connect with your audience. Increase your online visibility. Quick and efficient writing, translation or editing of articles, speeches, presentations, brand stories and manuscripts.



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Trade & Transport_


Trade is one of the creators of wealth. It’s needed because no country can produce everything on its own. Even though international trade is doing very well these days, there lies a challenge at every step. The main one is to find new ways of working with other key trading partners, creating a presence in emerging markets where most of the challenges are all about regulation. This implies thinking big, monitoring accurately, finding new avenues for smart & strategic communication and engaging with stakeholders


Energy is everywhere. Energy is fundamental to the quality of our lives. Energy is a key ingredient in all sectors of modern economies and of key importance in our time. We know that energy demand will increase significantly in the future. The question is how will we satisfy this huge energy requirement in a secure, smart, sustainable and affordable way? What is needed is approaching these issues holistically, speaking about them thoughtfully and engaging with stakeholders strategically across a multitude of environments.

Consumer product_

Consumer products are the foundation of the modern consumer economy. The industry itself not only generates an enormous portion of the gross domestic product, it also pumps huge amounts of money into other industries, notably advertising and retail. Still, important changes are upon these industries. These changes mean that some strategies today may not be what companies need tomorrow to maintain their edge. What is needed is to be future-ready, continually innovating so that companies and brands always are communicating in ways that propel their performance.


Telecommunication plays a hugely important aspect, not only for people around the world, but also for small and large businesses. The melding of telecom, IT and the Web into a single ecosystem is emerging as one of the most significant changes and challenges facing the telecommunications industry today. In the midst of this change, telecom vendors across the ecosystem are facing entirely new trust and communications challenges in areas such as consumer privacy, sustainability, regulation and emerging markets. As a result, effective and successful communications increasingly hinge upon cross-discipline, multi-stakeholder campaigns.

Academia & Think tank_

Nothing hurts one’s scientific argument more than poor delivery. This is especially true in academia and think tanks. It is widely but wrongly assumed that scientific writing means that you need to worry only about content not about writing quality. Yet, a solid but poorly presented scientific writing will make it in most cases unreadable. Even Einstein was able to synthesize his entire relativity theory into the simple, elegant and intelligible E=mc2 equation. .

Legal professionals_

Nothing hurts one’s scientific argument more than poor delivery. This is especially true in academia and think tanks. It is widely but wrongly assumed that scientific writing means that you need to worry only about content not about writing quality. Yet, a solid but poorly presented scientific writing will make it in most cases unreadable. Even Einstein was able to synthesize his entire relativity theory into the simple, elegant and intelligible E=mc2 equation. .

Media & Public Relations_

Written communication is an essential part of a successful public relations plan. How can a message be delivered without new ideas that are well-structured, clear and target-orientated? These are the crucial aspects involved in the writing of a successful public relations plan. In traditional and social media, the challenge is not only to write well but to write fast. Newsrooms move fast. Deadlines are constant. And being a terrific writer won't matter much if you can't get your stories in on time. Writing well, writing fast, that's the need in the media and public relations arena.


Environment & Climate_

The environment is our home. Our entire well-being is dependent on the well-being of all of the species living on earth. Scenes of flooding and storms show us how much the environment can affect our lives. Clearly climate change calculations need to be taken into account. The challenge is how to pursue energy opportunities while balancing associated societal, economic and environmental impacts.


Better health is central to human happiness and well-being as populations live longer and are more productive. Health care companies help not only in providing medical services but also economic opportunities as one of the fastest growing sector in the economy. Still, the health care sector faces enormous challenges and these requires the most imaginative of minds – people willing to ask big questions, take risks and tackle complex problems in new ways.


Defense is important in today’s world. From promoting internal and external security, maintaining peace, stability and prosperity, to protecting personal freedom and our way of life. Clearly the defense industry remains important but difficult today. This industry is dealing with an increasingly complex and competitive environment. It must daily contend with economic uncertainty, shifting regulations and the increasingly complex demands of managing a global supply chain. These challenges and many others require smart communication, the translation of bits of data into coherent and useful information to be used for meaningful and strategic decisions.

Writing & Publishing_

A great book is a well-written book. These books play an important role in our life: they comfort, teach and transport us into a different world of reality and imagination. When you read a book, it feels great to put yourself into a world the writer has created for you. But behind every great book lies a great writer and behind every great writer lies a publisher. They face important difficulties in terms of deadlines having to be met, enormous quantities of manuscripts that have to approved, then proofread and corrected. When all this is done, they also need promotion, efficient presence and visibility across all channels, traditional and digital. .

Public Sector_

The writing, knowledge-management and communication done by individuals in the public sector is important but difficult. Public officials need to communicate with a wide range of audiences. Public sector audiences range from individual citizen, to special interest groups, to technical specialists, to the public at large. As such, these people face the challenge not only of dealing with a wide array of topics and subjects but also of communicating the right information in the right tone to the right audience.


Nonprofit organizations_

Nonprofit organizations and NGOs are perhaps one of the organizations who need the most powerful writing. In many cases, their only tool, they require writing on many occasions: trying to make the world understand what you're fighting for, publicize a success, trying to raise funds or mobilize resources. Whether you are publishing a report, publicizing an event or simply trying to get media coverage, you need writing. Not just writing, but writing that is powerfully built, persuasively structured and extraordinarily delivered. .

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