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The Writer is a trilingual knowledge centre and communication agency. Our core business? Writing for our clients.


The great thing about our advanced writing technologies (AWTs) is that they provide a solution to a broad array of client needs .


This need can be a business model, ads for a new product or just strategic intelligence.


Our expertise is second to none. We have accumulated a writing experience that reaches far and deep. In politics, academia, business, media, literature and script writing.


This experience and expertise have lead us to one conclusion: our multi-faceted writing is the key to many challenges of this digital era, including yours.


Buuachru Mustapha is founder and Senior Consultant at the Writer. Mustapha leads European and Belgian accounts providing in-depth research that supports strategic guidance, operational management and overseeing KPI delivery in both mature and fast-growing markets across Europe.


His particular expertise transcends industries and is applicable to a wide variety of environments.  He disposes of a set of technical-analytical icompetencies that enables to gain insight, strategically decide, resolve conflict, enhance creativity and focus on critical issues.



Clients and business partners include: HPE, Tesla, Toyota, Suzuki, Renault, STK, Creately, the European Parliament, the Belgian Federal Government, the Brussels Capital Region Government,  the Koning Boudewijn Foundation, the European Public Health Alliance.


Mustapha holds a Master of Science Degree in Philosophy from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and a Master of Science Degree in International Relations and Political Science from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the Brussels School of International Studies (University of Kent). He is fluent in English, French and Dutch. 





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