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Today’s fast-paced and interconnected world calls for Integrated and specialized writing technologies.

Now, more than before does professional success require the capacity to excel simultaneously in a variety of domains. Professional success requires excellence of writing on many fronts.

From intelligence and research, strategy and planning,  communication, translation and persuasion, clearly each need requires a specialized skill and a targeted writing technology.

At the same time, no single organization is busy with solely one of these activities. At one point or another, every organization is doing all of these activities.

The real question is then whether an organization has all the writing technologies it needs  at its disposal to supply all of its professional demands  equally well. 

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Each week, the Writer presents the big  topic  in the area of writing technology with a special focus on four areas.


These topics usually fall into one of the following categores which constitute our specific areas of expertise. But they can also be presented at their intersection:



- Public affairs and government affairs



- Marketing and public relations



- Information management



- Executive leadership

2019: 4 Signs It's Going To Be Big

6 November 2018


The Unprecedented Nature of Bilderberg 2018


Rothschild & Co selling the core of its business


Escalating military tensions to levels not seen since the end of WWII


The UN migration pact and the foundation for civil war

Discover The Writer's Essentials

Are you a CEO, manager of a marketing department, policy director for an advocacy group, director of a research center inside a political party, a public relations professional, a curious and awakened person who knows and understands the value of deep insight and practical knowledge, or just a fan who has been following our work for some time? 

In this case, we wish you a warm welcome to the Writer’s Essentials – a digital library that specializes in providing integrated knowledge, skills and insight to business and communication professionals in the areas of public affairs & lobbying, public relations & marketing, information management and executive leadership.

Originally born from the Writer’s weekly Big Ideas and due to a growing demand for a systematic organization of knowledge in these areas emanating from our clients, we decided to answer this expectation and demand with the Essentials library. For our familiar audience and clients, we thus tell you: this is an updated, richer and systematic version of the weekly Big Idea to which you are already accustomed.

Our Essentials product-line varies between 499,00€ and 4999,00€ for one item depending on whether your  purchase for the item is general (industry-wide), tailored (industry-specific), custom (specific customer need) express (speedy delivery), to be translated (into another language than originally available), multiple (available only in series), accompanied by a face-to-face briefing or group-wide training. 

If work and life are an ongoing learning process and experience, we hope that our Essentials library can be of benefit in assisting you fulfil this professional need and human imperative.

Looking forward to hearing from you and working together,

Wishing you all the best,

Warm regards

Buuachru Mustapha,

a.k.a. the Writer

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