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Each week, the Writer presents the big topic in the area of writing technology.


The topics usually fall into one of our areas of expertise. But they can also be presented at their intersection:



- Why do writing and thinking differ only in shape?



- Why do some words impact more than others?



- Why are we drowning in information, but starving for wisdom?



- What do writing, engineering and communication have in common?

Today’s fast-paced and interconnected world calls for Integrated and specialized writing technologies.


Now, more than before does professional success require the capacity to excel simultaneously in a variety of domains. Professional success requires excellence of writing on many fronts.


From intelligence and research, strategy and planning, communication, translation and persuasion, clearly each need requires a specialized skill and a targeted writing technology.


At the same time, no single organization is busy with solely one of these activities. At one point or another, every organization is doing all of these activities.


The real question is then whether an organization has all the writing technologies it needs at its disposal to supply all of its professional demands equally well.


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